Demand for LED germicidal lamps is rising

The new crown pneumonia, which has been raging for more than a year, has swept through and broke out again when it entered the fall and winter where influenza was frequent. Hospital epidemic prevention equipment, hospital lighting, and short-wave ultraviolet (UV-C) germicidal lamps have ushered in new developments and discussions due to the emergence of the epidemic. Related medical equipment experienced a short supply at the beginning of last year, which brought about a rapid increase in market demand and also brought certain revenue growth to related companies.

Demand for LED germicidal lamps is rising

However, judging from the current development of hospital lighting, the public generally agrees that lighting is an important part of hospital construction and management. It is important for the health of medical staff and the effect of diagnosis and treatment, the rehabilitation of patients and the improvement of doctor-patient relations, and hospital operation management. And cost control, etc. have a significant role and significant impact, but in the process of hospital construction and actual operation, but not enough attention. The reason is that the first is because the hospital construction party does not know much about the role of lighting, and academic research on hospital lighting is relatively small; on the other hand, the lighting engineering industry does not have a deep understanding of the requirements of hospital lighting, and the market is available. The selection of professional lighting equipment is relatively lacking. Therefore, there is a relatively long-term exploration process to promote the development and construction of hospital lighting.

In contrast, the development of short-wave ultraviolet (UV-C) sterilization equipment is relatively mature. The low-pressure mercury lamp design used in traditional UV-C sterilization equipment has the disadvantages of low efficiency and the need for preheating. It has become more perfect in the market evolution. The new LED design is getting more and more favor, many manufacturers invest in the research and development of UV-C LED sterilization equipment. This type of equipment can be used not only for the disinfection of hotels, hospitals and transportation, but also for the disinfection of machines that are frequently touched such as bank ATMs. In this application field, MEAN WELL's LED power supply with dimming shutdown function can meet the needs of circulating sterilization control, and inject strong driving capability into short-wave ultraviolet (UV-C) sterilization equipment.


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