Detailed explanation of FTC certification for LED lamps

The current energy efficiency requirements of LED bulbs and lamps in the United States are mainly concentrated on the Lighting Facts label, Energy Star and DOC of LED lamps. They are all voluntary requirements. The energy efficiency requirements of the Amazon Lighting Facts label are originally intended to be "Give them The Facts" is to make lighting products meet the requirements of more specific and credible data:

Detailed explanation of FTC certification for LED lamps

1. FTC certified performance parameters: initial lumens lm, initial luminous efficiency lm/W, input power W, correlated color temperature CCT, color rendering index CRI.

2. The FTC certification indicators are "Quality Assurance" and "Lumen Maintenance Rate" indicators obtained based on the LM-80 and TM-21 tests.

3. The LED lamps and lanterns product range applicable to FTC certification are: complete lamps powered by AC mains or DC power, low-voltage 12V AC or DC lamps, LED lamps with separable power supply, linear or modular products.

4. The product range of LED lamps not applicable to FTC certification is: solar or battery-powered LED lamps, LED strips and LED lamp panels of unlimited length and shape.

What does the FTC label look like?

What is the FTC energy label standard:

It is understood that according to the FTC statute of the US Federal Trade Commission, LED lights entering the US market require energy labels to be affixed to the packaging box and the lamp body to disclose the product's annual power consumption, lifespan and other information to the public. In other words, the energy consumption label that Amazon refers to is actually the energy consumption label required by the FTC. Therefore, it is not ruled out that some people do not understand the FTC as the FDA. Based on the above, there is nothing to do with the FDA's half-cent of the LED lamp off-shelf incident. Ordinary lighting LED lamp products do not need to do FDA certification when importing customs clearance (in fact, you just do the certification It can’t be done, because the FDA doesn’t have this standard at all. You can ship with confidence. Of course, your product’s energy label must comply with FTC’s relevant standards.

Amazon officially provided a solution for this LED bulb removal event:

One is to require merchants to contact product suppliers in time to obtain pictures containing energy label content.

Second, if the product supplier has not done this test, it should provide samples to a qualified third-party laboratory for testing, obtain a test report, and make an energy label based on the template.

The third is that the energy label is uploaded by the merchant to Amazon for confirmation and sales will resume.


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