How to choose the right LED desk lamp

In recent years, the myopia rate of Chinese students is relatively high, and presents a trend of younger age, eye protection lamp has become the first choice for consumers to buy table lamps. Then, in the face of all kinds of products claiming "eye protection" on the market, how should consumers choose? A few days ago, the Harbin Consumers Association conducted a comparative test on 8 eye protection lamps on the market.

How to choose the right LED desk lamp

Sample situation

At present, the national standard does not define the "eye protection" of the eye protection desk lamp. For the product "eye protection" function claimed by the merchants, this comparative test evaluates the product through objective test data from multiple test angles to guide consume.

Based on the results of previous market research and questionnaire surveys, this comparative test selected eye protection products with high consumer attention and good sales on major e-commerce platforms. The samples were all simulated by the staff on the e-commerce platforms to simulate consumer purchases. A total of 8 samples are the domestic brands Op Lighting, Xiaomi, Hasbro, NVC, Amida and Green Power, and imported brands Panasonic and Philips.

Test index

The comparison test includes four indicators: color temperature, color rendering index, desktop lux and uniformity of lux, and blue light hazard.

Test Results

The test results show that the relevant color temperature, color rendering index, and blue light hazard test results of the 8 eye protection lamp samples meet the index requirements.

The color temperature of the 8 samples is in the range of 4000K, which is suitable for night use and reduces the damage to eyesight. In terms of color rendering index, the overall color rendering of the 8 eye protection lamps is relatively good. Among them, NVC, Panasonic, Philips, Op and Hasbro performed well, basically restoring the original color.

In the desktop lux and lux uniformity test, there are 5 eye protection lamps that claim to be consistent with the test value, and the lux level reaches AA level, which makes it easier to see handwriting, reduces glare, and reduces eye fatigue and discomfort.

The manuals and nameplates of Green Power and Amida did not show the nominal lux level. Green Power claimed to meet the AA level in its sales channels, but it was actually tested according to GB/T 9473-2017 "Performance Requirements for Reading and Writing Table Lamps" According to the test results, the minimum lux and uniformity of lux did not meet the limit requirements of Class A. Amida did not claim to meet the requirements of Class A or AA in the sales route. The minimum desktop lux and uniformity of lux test results reached A level.

Excessively low illumination and uneven illumination will affect the clarity and comfort of the lighting, cause visual fatigue, and may lead to myopia.

All 8 products have reached the RG0 non-hazardous classification of the blue light hazards of the retina, which are consistent with the claims that the products have no blue light harm or reduce blue light, and protect the health of the eyes.

Buying advice

So how to choose an eye protection lamp? Color temperature may affect eye health. The Harbin Consumer Association recommends that consumers choose LED products with a color temperature of 4000K and below and a color rendering index above 80 when buying LED reading and writing desk lamps (try to choose high color rendering index products).

Color temperature is the color of the light, in short, it is warm color light, cold color light and intermediate light. So, should the reading and writing desk lamp choose warmer yellow light or colder white light? Yellow light is generally warmer. The color temperature of the parameter is 3300K to 5300K. The light is soft and slightly yellowish. It is more suitable for reading needs. The color temperature is too low or too high, and the light is too white or dark. Suitable for long time reading, may cause eye discomfort. Consumers can pay attention to the color temperature value on the product label before buying, and it is more appropriate to adjust the color temperature to about 4000K by referring to the instructions when using it. When the eye protection lamp is used at night, the main light of the room also needs to be turned on, and the relevant color temperature of the eye protection lamp should be adjusted to about 4000K.

At the same time, the Harbin Consumers Association recommends that consumers buy products with guaranteed quality, and choose the implementation standard as the national recommended standard GB/T 9473-2017, reading and writing desk lamp products with CCC mark. Pay attention to the label, and give priority to products with a lux level of AA or A, and give priority to products with a blue light hazard level of RG0.

Eye protection lamps have limited effects. There is currently no standard definition of eye protection effects. The eye protection products on the market claim "eye protection" by reducing eye fatigue and harm to the eyes. Consumers should not rely too much on the eye protection lamp and overuse their eyes. They must maintain the correct posture and good habits when reading and writing tasks. The combination of work and rest allows the eyes to rest.


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