Development ushered in the great development of LED lighting

  Data analysis shows that in July this year the global replace 40w led bulb retail price declined slightly to approximately 0.6% , reaching $ 15.5 ; replace 60w of led bulbs global average edged down 3.3 percent , reaching 22.6 dollars. led the decline in prices for consumers are more willing to use led lamps replace incandescent lamps. And led the same as the energy-saving fluorescent light rare earth , rare earth prices recently because of rising prices caused by lighting up . Currently rare earth fluorescent lighting in large cities account for 70% market share , but this pattern is changing, in 2012 , rare earth luminescent materials ( more than 90 % of rare earth fluorescent ) sales of 4,500 tons , 8,000 tons year 2011 sales down 43 . 8% ; 2013 first half sales of rare earth luminescent materials were flat with last year . However, in 2012 , led energy saving lamp total sales rose nearly 34 percent , the first half of 2013 , led the civilian market sales and sales grew more than 150 percent and were 300%.

 Development ushered in the great development of LED lighting

  In the commercial lighting market, although led the price is more expensive, but it's better energy conservation , led lighting can bring more energy efficiency , so commercial lighting , industrial, outdoor lighting applications because energy demand is more intense , led lighting penetration rate is more rapid . At present, China has not led lamps consumers compare full and comprehensive understanding of the demand for energy is not particularly strong , and the degree of sensitivity for the price is relatively high, so the led lighting penetration rate is low, relatively backward . In addition , led the market currently no regulatory rules , of varying quality , the market order is more chaotic , but also the country needs to work towards the future .

  With the luminous efficiency and lower prices , led lamps in home lighting, commercial lighting , automotive lighting, backlighting market share in various market segments will get up , you can envision led will enter a golden period of development . However, currently led technology is not mature enough , there is much room for growth , which also shows there is a certain price led lighting range . Enterprises in order to gain more market share , the need for research and innovation in technology .


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