Hotel LED lighting design aspects need to be considered

  Light are the night’s elves, and made our life colorful. Light is the soul of architecture, lighted, is a night of praise, and also the light of praise. The hotel also allows people to become comfortable and colorful place at night, the hotel's lighting design is even more important. ENELTEC Designer introduced hotel lighting needs to be considered from two aspects:

 Hotel LED lighting design aspects need to be considered

  Visual environment

  Visual environment aspects should consider LED lamps light color (color temperature), the irradiation direction, three-dimensional and other factors. Color light can be divided into cold, warm light color, neutral color; different color temperature of light can create a different environment experience. So that it will form a different light shadows, and reduce the average luminance hotel, expanding accent lighting, so hotel will have better space three-dimensional effect.

  Visual performance

  Visual performance levels will have to consider the brightness of LED lights, glare control. Hotel is using LED lights to design the dark and bright area, in order to make the hotel look richer layering. General LED lighting methods include direct lighting, indirect lighting, semi-direct lighting, semi-indirect lighting, diffuse lighting, and intelligent lighting control. Diffuse illumination with reduced glare through an optical material (such as frosted glass, white hood, and special grille) spread to the surrounding. The light intensity in each direction is almost the same; this will create a good atmosphere of space. The glare of the lighting control is extremely important, which affects the overall performance of the hotel. Intelligent lighting control is also a trend in modern lighting; lighting like LEDIA last year launched the "intelligent lighting needs" which is a very good attempt.


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