Does the outdoor basketball court lighting choose halogen or LED floodlights?

First, the halogen lamp (metal halide lamp HID) as an outdoor basketball court illumination source is very popular in a certain period of time. Halogen lamps are widely used in large outdoor billboards, stations, terminals, industrial and mining enterprises, etc., and are introduced into outdoor basketball court lighting, a standard outdoor basketball court (32x19 meters), with the advantages of high brightness, good luminous efficiency and convenient maintenance. With 4-6 halogen lamps of about 400W, it can fully meet the needs of basketball court lighting. Halogen lamps also have the advantages of long range, strong penetrating power and uniform illumination, so that the use of a small number of lamps installed at a distance from the side of the course can also achieve the lighting requirements of the basketball court. The disadvantage of halogen lamps is that the power is relatively large, the energy consumption ratio is not high, and the light intensity is too high. Long-term exposure to such light will affect the athlete's visual judgment.

Does the outdoor basketball court lighting choose halogen or LED floodlights?

Second, LED flood light as the mainstream choice of outdoor lighting, because of its low energy consumption, small size, light weight, high luminous efficiency, is becoming the preferred choice in all areas of outdoor lighting. The widespread use of LED floodlights in the field of outdoor basketball court lighting has only recently emerged. Based on the principle of LED lighting, its advantages are of course numerous. The efficient lighting effect with low energy consumption is also in line with the basic requirements of building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society in China. It is also a low-carbon advocated by modern society. The meaning of environmental protection is the meaning of softness; the soft light is more in line with the visual perception of the human body and contributes to the visual judgment of the human body. It is a high-quality option for outdoor basketball court lighting. Of course, compared with halogen lamps, LED floodlights have weak light intensity and insufficient penetrating power. In specific fields such as high altitude, scientific verification is needed. Specific analysis of specific problems, it is imperative to blindly use LED lights.

In summary, we should follow the following basic principles in the selection of outdoor stadium lighting fixtures:

1. Respond to the low-carbon and environmentally-friendly social mainstream, choose LED floodlights with high cost performance and high energy consumption ratio as outdoor basketball court lighting fixtures;

2. Specific analysis of specific problems, following pragmatism, different course sizes, different heights of light poles, different environments around the court allow differential selection of halogen lamps as outdoor basketball court lighting fixtures;

3. As the type of lighting for outdoor basketball court lighting, it will change with the continuous advancement of lighting technology. We should look at the development of outdoor stadium lighting industry with a development perspective.


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