Dreamy scenery under LED lights

Manki Cave is located in Niimi City, Okayama Prefecture. It is a stalactite cave with a length of 450 meters and a width of 25 meters. According to legend, it was discovered by a hunter who hunted raccoon dogs at the end of the Edo period (1603-1868). . This is a horizontal cave that extends horizontally, with less ups and downs, and can be easily visited in about 30 minutes.

Dreamy scenery under LED lights

The pond "Senmaida" surrounded by limestone near the entrance is famous for appearing in the suspense movie "Eight Tombs Village" many times. The cave is also full of attractions. For example, in the "Dragon Palace", you can see a large number of stalactite tubes, stalactite pillars and stone pillars; in the "Dream Palace", interlaced fault landforms are displayed in front of your eyes. On the underground lake deep in the cave, there is a vermilion "Dragon Palace Bridge", presenting a dreamy scene. After the colorful LED lighting was installed in 2014, the atmosphere in the cave is even more mysterious.


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