Smart light poles "on duty" on Hongri Avenue, Lianshui County, Huai'an, Jiangsu

Recently, Hongri Avenue in Lianshui County, Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province has become "hot", not only because of the brand new "upgraded" road network, but also because of some tall "wisdom" artifacts. They can not only brighten the city, but also realize many personalized functional requirements, that is, smart street lights and multi-functional street light poles.

Smart light poles "on duty" on Hongri Avenue, Lianshui County, Huai'an, Jiangsu

On Hongri Avenue, the light poles in the side strips on both sides of the road are neatly arranged, making a wonderful appearance, and integrating with the surrounding environment. These lighting facilities are not only beautiful in shape, but also unique in style and powerful in function, making them look very "handsome" and "cool".

The gray pole base is matched with the gray pole body, and the rectangular electronic double-sided LED display with a pattern shape erected on the pole body is particularly eye-catching, realizing the unity of technology, culture, and design.

The information on the role models "Jiangsu Good People" and "National Good Boys in the New Era" are rolled out on the top, and the amiable and respectable deeds of the good people around them are used to infect, drive and influence people.

The image of a good man in Lianshui and the urban facilities complement each other, complement each other, and jointly compose the hymn of a good man in Lianshui.

It is understood that this kind of light pole that integrates multiple functions is called a smart light pole. Compared with ordinary street lights, it has achieved multiple integrations in terms of functions and has become more "expensive". It integrates the design of road lighting, traffic monitoring, traffic signs, multimedia information release screens and other related equipment, which not only reduces the space occupied by various functional rods on the road space, but also connects the public security traffic police in series in terms of function. , financial media, street light management and other departmental information platform systems have achieved three-dimensional coverage of information and functions and multi-channel sharing of information resources, injecting real wisdom into urban management. It can be said that "small" street lights have "big" "wisdom.

It is understood that the Hongri Avenue street light project started on April 12 this year, with a total investment of more than 7 million yuan, and a total of 109 smart light poles were built, including 12 middle pole lights (4 poles with monitoring and display screens inside), control (monitoring, display) 49 systems, 10 traffic light poles, 10 electronic police poles, and 20 signage poles.

After the road is completed and put into operation, through the street lamp lighting management system and intelligent control module, unified management of street lamp public lighting will be implemented to achieve the "trinity" effect of lighting remote monitoring, intelligent control, energy saving and consumption reduction, and realize intelligent and energy-saving street lamp management. .

After the smart light pole was put into use, the response was enthusiastic, attracting the praise of passing citizens and stopping to take pictures.

As night falls, the smart street lights on Hongri Avenue are extraordinarily bright and shining. The brand-new multi-functional smart street lamp has become a beautiful scenery in Lianshui County, and it will also become a new place for online celebrities in Lianshui.

The beauty of a city begins with appearance and ends with quality. The changes in the city reflect the level of construction and management of a city. While saving energy and reducing consumption, smart street lights also create a more beautiful and comfortable environment for the city. This allows people to deeply understand that technological development and scientific management It will bring significant changes and profound impacts on urban construction and people's lives.


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