ENELTEC debut in Lighting Fair Autumn Edition

  " Hong Kong Lighting Fair " is Asia's most popular and authoritative LED lighting exhibition, to 1999 has been successfully held for 13 , a large number of buyers and exhibitors , as well as innovative achievements of the high volume of transactions in the exhibition prominence in the industry , the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair has become Asia 's largest trade show, the global ranking second.

 ENELTEC debut in Lighting Fair Autumn Edition

  As the industry 's leading exhibition event , the annual Hong Kong Lighting Fair will be on display today's most creative and richest tech LED lighting products. As currently the only one to do a complete industrial chain covering LED application enterprises, but also a handful of domestic control system, power independent research and one of the manufacturers , ENELTEC the exhibited several latest LED lighting products, such as LED thin plate lights , LEDT8 lamp , LED downlight thin , can be applied to schools, offices , hospitals , shopping malls , airports, home and other places .

  ENELTEC this exhibition several LED lighting, all showed ENELTEC strong R & D capabilities , as well as market trends, industry applications keen insight . In recent years , with the mall stores , landscape lighting, airport facilities and other large establishments widely used in LED lighting , so that the industry quickly broke , LED lighting is growing attention to the business . And ENELTEC frequently gains in the past year large orders, some of the projects with benchmark significance in the bag, but also confirmed its strong strength and market choices. ENELTEC leader in the photovoltaic industry and the future of LED application market.


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