LED bulb replacement boom is coming

  Throughout the LED application market, both Philips, Osram and other foreign giants, or NVC, ENELTEC other domestic brands, LED bulb lights are its essential one product line.

 LED bulb replacement boom is coming

  LED bulb light is emitted as the divergence of the LED bulbs, according to the power, LED bulbs can be divided into: low-power (mainly 5mmLED production) and high power (mainly for 1W, 3W, even 5WLED production ). Meanwhile, the market, there are also ultra-high-power (eg, 50W of LED lighting), but this has not been market tested, but also might have a great market.

  Among them, the low-power LED bulbs, has been large-scale use, but the quality varies greatly. These lamps are mainly retail websites in foreign sales, while the high-power LED bulbs for the last 2-3 years before large-scale use and promotion , in general, than the low-power LED bulb much more stable; with the decline in the price of high-power LED, high power LED bulbs will become mainstream.

  2012, the largest LED home lighting market is still in Japan, followed by Europe and North America. However, the proportion of China increased year by year, to 2013, China area home lighting market will reach $ 5.941 billion, including LED home lighting market will reach 814 million U.S. dollars, accounting for 24% of the world.

  Other regions such as Europe, America, Japan, Taiwan and the emerging markets, policy standards and manufacturers have launched aggressive pricing strategy to promote the rapid development of LED home lighting market. LED home lighting market in North America to benefit from the rising number of new home sales, as well as the retail price of the sweet spot LED bulbs coming home lighting specifications also drive the market towards standardization.


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