Eneltec plastic LED bulbs prevailing global

Lighting currently accounts for 19 percent of global electricity consumption, nearly one fifth of the energy consumption through energy-efficient lighting solutions, you can reduce energy consumption by 40%, especially with the use of LED light source control, or intelligent monitoring system, up more energy and environmental effects. Eneltec said that if the light of the world can be transformed into LED, global power consumption from 19% to 11%, saving $ 170 million annually.

Eneltec plastic LED bulbs prevailing global

Eneltec bring people along with innovative quality of life, emphasizing LED lighting energy saving, environmental protection, but also to the unique global "pure optical technology innovation", the use of low-flicker, no blue, excellent light mixing of the three core technologies for consumer who create a natural and healthy light environment. Eneltec lighting laboratory research indicates that humans are in strobe environment, risks to human implied headache, lack of concentration and other symptoms, so the development of a low flash control technology and targets (SVM), with strict standards effectively reduce LED lighting Strobe status and become the core of pure optical technology innovation, so Eneltec LED lighting presents like natural sunlight healthy low strobe.

Eneltec today launched the latest India and the Middle East market for plastic LED bulbs, the price is only one of a few very traditional LED bulbs, inexpensive, requiring only a minimum price of $ 0.43. As China's LED lighting industry Eneltec traditional enterprise, has been adhering to the tradition of quality first, will bring you the most cost-effective LED lighting products and the best service.


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