High-power LED bulbs become mainstream

LED spotlights means the light emitted is directional (directional) LED bulbs, the main types of MR16, GU10, PAR series. LED bulb light emitted refers to the divergence of LED bulbs, the main types of E27 base.

eneltec high power led bulb

In accordance with the power to divide, LED bulbs can be divided into: low power (mainly for the production of 5mm LED) and high-power led bulb (mainly 1W, 3W, 5W LED production even). Meanwhile, the market, there are also super power (eg, 50W of LED lighting), but this has not been market tested, also might not have a great market.

Among them, the low-power LED spotlights, bulbs for the first design and manufacture of LED bulbs, have large-scale use, but the quality is good and bad. These lamps are mainly sold in foreign retail website.

The high-power LED spotlights, bulbs for last 2-3 years before large-scale use and promotion, in general, smaller than many stable power LED bulbs; with high-power LED price drop, high power LED bulbs will become mainstream.

Overall, LED bulbs currently on the market, whether manufacturers, buyers or end-users are not professional, and so most of their experience or just the appearance of subjective to judge product quality is good or bad. In the case of identical appearance, price plays a dominant role.


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