ENELTEC SMD led high bay lights

  LED High Bay Light as a great power, cooling become difficult, because the heat directly determine the life of the product, and now the LED high bay snuff a lot of costs on the heat above, but still ineffective, but bulky, heavy, ugly appearance, so if LED High Bay Light can put some of the heat transfer to the shade, not only will reduce the cost and weight, but also can improve the cooling effect.

ENELTEC SMD led high bay lights

  ENELTEC SMD LED High Bay Bulbs are designed for HID Lamps replacement, we don't need to change the Lighting fixtures, we could replace the HIB bulbs with SMD LED High Bay Bulbs directly.


  Model:SMD LED High Bay Bulbs



  Working Voltage100-240VAC

  Life Span>50,000 Hours


  CertificatesCE, RoHS, (UL Pending)

  Warranty24 Months

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