LED indoor lighting should be selected carefully

  Now in home decoration, if lighting effects is not good, the life would be not so colorful. So after you carefully selected household, kitchen, tiles, then you also need to be more careful to select LED lighting fixtures, and following is a brief introduction in the home LED lighting fixtures functionality of each room.

LED indoor lighting should be selected carefully

  LED Lighting in the home, as the different functions, the choice of LED lighting will be different, naturally occurring effect will be different. Such as the living room, to get a warm and comfortable feeling, less bright, so you can install a LED lights in the middle of the main lighting, LED lighting can be the main decoration of the room layouts to choose, storey optional LED chandelier lower layer can choose LED ceiling Lights. Surrounded by some of the top LED decorative lights can be added, such as LED lights, LED ceiling lights, at the edge of the sofa or balcony, you can put an LED lamp or LED floor lamp, TV wall can be mounted next to some of the darker of the LED backlight. So to the evening rest or watching TV, you can turn off the main lighting, open LED decorative lights, LED backlight, it can make people relax nerves will reduce visual fatigue.

  In the Study, where we learn and work, requiring the room bright lights do not glare. So that you can install some LED lamps, writing table and then add an LED lamp, so that we can achieve the desired effect, but also to protect the eyes.

  The bedroom is the place we can really get a place to relax, so the yellow LED lights can be used better, master bedroom does not need too much glare lighting, you can put an LED in bed bedside lamp, it is best to adjust LED lamps, so if reading in bed or rest, can be adjusted freely. Then did the Lord lighting, dark bedroom closet will be many, this time can be installed inside a wardrobe hangers LED lights, preferably with induction, so the door bright lights, door lights off, that is convenient, but also save electricity. A drawer can be installed in the same cabinet with the induction of the LED lights on the need to find something, opened the drawer lights, turn off the lights out drawer.

  As the high humidity in bathroom, there should be moisture-proof function selected lamps, so you can install some LED cabinet - light or LED panel lights, mirror tops in grooming a high CRI LED mirror front lamps, that is convenient make-up, and could lose the common touch.

  The smoke of kitchen is large, cleaning would be a trouble, so you can install some ceiling on the LED panel lights are flat lighting, cleaning is also relatively easy to spot. If we need to operate in the cabinet below the lights bright enough will be very convenient, LED Cabinet Light is our best choice. Cabinets can be installed in a cabinet light sensor, and light, like drawers, doors turn on the light bright lamp door closed.


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