Factors affecting the quality of LED Tube Light

  Nowadays, more and more domestic and commercial customers are willing to choose LED Tube Light as a substitute for traditional light sources, but also due to LED fluorescent are relatively new products, so most users will not know for its quality standards, I will introduce you to what factors will affect the quality of LED Tube Light:

Factors affecting the quality of LED Tube Light

  1, the fixed end: currently on the market, there are many ways of LED Tube Light fittings with aluminum skin, there are PC material, with aluminum Piga PC material, at a fixed manner glue fixed points at both ends of the tube, and also screws in the tube two. As to safety, environmental protection concerned, the way to be fixed with screws is accepted by the majority of consumers.

  2, PC mask transmittance: the market LED Tube’s transparent mask can reach 88-95%, mist mask transmittance is 70-86%. If the flux of one tube without lamp mask is 2000lm, now add 88% transmittance transparent mask, then the actual flux is 1760lm. When he gave it light transmittance of 95% plus a transparent mask, then it will have the actual flux 1900lm, the same is transparent mask, why there is so much difference between the two? Answer lies in the mask material. Currently on the market PC mask materials are ordinary PC materials, optical-grade PC material. Because manufacturers are not the same between them, so the light transmittance varies considerably.

  3, the substrate: currently, let LED chips attach to the PCB electronic circuit board by certain way, and then fix to the aluminum radiator top. The thermal conductivity of glass fiber PCB is 20w/mk, the thermal conductivity of aluminum is 200w/mk. Greater thermal conductivity, the better the heat will transfer. Judging the quality of aluminum should make sure whether there is no aluminum-containing impurities, on the one hand through the aluminum V-CUT bit is smooth, cutting aluminum, because aluminum containing impurities including cutting aluminum, the blade when cutting aluminum V-CUT prone position is not smooth; aluminum alloy containing impurities will greatly reduce the thermal conductivity, and of course the price is a lot cheaper LED Tube Light, under normal circumstances, about one-third of the price difference.


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