LED bulbs cuts price to penetration lighting market

  LED will penetration accelerately lighting market this year. International brand manufacturers Philips, Cree, Samsung have issued only half the price of the current market price of LED bulbs, LED lighting era declared the official arrival. Current LED commercial lighting market has started to expand the penetration significantly in the coming years and will replace incandescent bulbs become mainstream home lighting source.

LED bulbs cuts price to penetration lighting market

  Following Samsung, Cree announced separately priced below $ 15 and $ 10 an LED lamp, OSRAM has also announced that it will launch in June this year, 10 euros (about $ 13.1) the following products, so that LED bulbs war intensified price competition in the market will help stimulate consumer willingness to buy and push up the market penetration of LED bulbs.

  ENELTEC said that the overall LED lighting market penetration depends on every single bulb and price ratio (lm / $), thus enhancing brand factory are all facing the LED brightness and reduce the price two direction, in order to accelerate the overall LED bulbs lighting market penetration speed; while Cree released a new product message, on behalf of the LED lighting market is facing a turning point.


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