Factory workshop should use LED high Bay Light

With more and more obvious energy savings of LED lights, LED high Bay Light 120W can instead of the 250W traditional mining lamp, shop lighting and other large factories have been transformed into an open area LED high Bay Lights, therefore, a huge amount of use, the correct purchase outstanding the mining lamp will make a significant contribution to energy saving. So how to choose LED high Bay Light? Notice what?

Factory workshop should use LED high Bay Light

ENELTEC LED tells you: buy LED high bay light is mainly caught long life, energy saving.

1, The choice to determine their own lighting fixtures place, how many watts, how much power LED high Bay Light to meet, find themselves in line with the requirements of LED lights, the brightness will affect the strength of the user experience! If they do not understand you can find some people who know to ask, or find lighting design we can provide to help you meet the recommended requirements of lighting LED lamps. ENELTEC LED experience, the use of LED lighting research and development also have their own opinion.

2, Select high-quality LED high Bay Lights including high-power and high-quality heat sink. Quality power: but also provide power to investigate lighting places, so that you can decide whether to adopt constant voltage constant current controller, avoid the ballast power grid, along with noise and light intensity is unstable, and will not cause eye fatigue. Quality radiator course, preferred ENELTEC LED aluminum heat sink, the LED high Bay Light heat, need good heat dissipation material. Generally used are aluminum alloy, and a lot heavier than ordinary LED high Bay Light of mining lamps, LED structure must meet the thermal specifications to ensure the life of the light source, the LED high Bay Light housing, ENELTEC LED is solid green choice of heat high material, safe to use, you can refer to LED lights to understand how to solve the heat problem.

3, Choose a good LED high Bay Light manufacturer is essential, many customers will say ENELTEC  LED high bay price is slightly expensive, ENELTEC LED's LED high Bay Light energy saving effect is very good, of course, the lamp power, chip, heat is good or bad affect the LED lamp life, high-quality pre-select the higher investment costs, the latter more economical LED lighting is definitely worth it.


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