The Reason of LED high bay Lighting Failure

Nowadays used in the factory workshop lighting roughly metal halide, high pressure sodium, fluorescent light (also known as CFLs) and LED energy-saving lamps, then, are so many types of lamps in bad, off the post, how to repair, so that the lowest cost to replace it? Here mainly to talk about large-scale plant with LED mining lamp bad treatment.

The Reason of LED high bay Lighting Failure

SMD low power, high-power integrated LED high bay light source type class structure is the same, roughly by a led high bay light housing (heat dissipation), power supply, LED light source (lamp beads), lenses, general bad performance are: direct light is not bright, shimmering lights after a while, twinkling lights and so on. In fact, the main power supply is bad and the light source:

LED high bay light was broken roughly reasons:

1) Bad led; lamps during the assembly process is imperfect, lamp beads and the body is not good contact, thermal paste coating unevenness. Also, if the lamp beads themselves poor quality, long lighting time will be burned.

2) Drivers problem; power supply problems led to some manufacturers due to low-priced products to recover the use of inferior power, failure of product quality, will be used for a long burn lamp light flashing or bright lights shimmering after a while.

Approach: SMD lamp can replace the entire board, replace the entire power integrated light source, it must be prepared to note that the thermal conductivity. If the power supply is broken, it can replace directly a new one. If the cause is the power light does not shine, the best source also renewed.


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