Features and advantages of ENELTEC grow Light LED

ENELTEC's grow Light LED product portfolio has a wide range of versions, including 450nm (deep blue light), 660nm (super red light) and 730nm (far red light). The main wavelength version of our OSLON? product family can provide three radiation angles: 80°, 120° and 150°, providing perfect illumination for all kinds of plants, and adjusting the light according to the specific needs of various crops.

Features and advantages of ENELTEC grow Light LED


Professional grow Light

ENELTEC medium and high power LED products have high performance and long life, even in humid environments. Because of its small package size, it can be arranged very densely, providing a simple and efficient design approach for professional top lighting, interior lighting and multi-layer applications. As long as the number of corresponding LED components is adjusted appropriately, different proportions of the three colors of deep blue, super red and far red can be realized without changing the PCB or lamp design.

Consumer grade grow Light

The Ziguang version offers exciting and efficient new opportunities for innovative applications and designs. Thanks to the light and color innovation of ENELTEC, we can cultivate crops and food by ourselves with the help of home grow Light, staying at home and being self-sufficient. The purple lighting effect and brightness are first-rate, and the standard package size is 3.0 mm × 3.0 mm, which can easily create cost-effective modified bulbs for grow Light.


Professional plant LED

Deep blue (450nm) and super red (660nm) versions provide the light needed for photosynthesis

The far infrared (730nm) version can control the whole process of plants from germination to vegetative growth to flowering

EQ white light can realize a humane working environment

High energy efficiency (ol/J)

High maximum drive current

Low thermal resistance

Multiple radiation angles-80°, 120° and 150° wide illumination characteristics

Highly reliable ceramic package with long service life and corrosion resistance

Robust and durable even in humid environments

In addition, blue light, true green light, yellow light, red light and other versions are also available, suitable for special lighting needs

Consumer grade plant LED

Wide chromatographic range solution

Complete product portfolio, using industry standard package size (3030) 3 mm × 3 mm

Epoxy based encapsulation

Best heat/cold flux coefficient (85°C ~ 25°C)


Professional plant application

Top lighting, interior lighting and multi-layer cultivation

Auxiliary lighting and cultivation without natural daylight

Photoperiod lighting and light form control

Urban farms and controlled environment farms

Algae growth lighting and agricultural lighting

Consumer-grade plant applications

Retrofit bulbs for grow Light


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