World-class tunnel lighting greatly improves tunnel parallax

Lunar New Year is the time when traffic demand surges. Different weather and light intensity often cause drastic changes in pupils, leading to blurred vision. If driving in a tunnel, the most troublesome and prone to accidents include: sudden changes in light, tunnels There are three major problems with dim interior lights and glare from too bright. Philips, a world-class tunnel lighting brand that has participated in major transportation constructions in countries all over the world for many years, responds to various terrain, climate, environment and driving needs, including the Meir Tunnel in the United Kingdom, the Gothenburg Tunnel in Sweden, the Zeeburger Tunnel in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and the Boxem Tunnel in Zwolle, the Netherlands. , Installation of professional lighting systems in the passage under the viaduct of the German railway.

World-class tunnel lighting greatly improves tunnel parallax

Signify's professional lighting business director Gong Baicheng pointed out: "Tunnel design is to provide users with a clear and comfortable lighting environment, improve traffic efficiency, reduce black hole effects, identify obstacles faster and more clearly, and reduce traffic accidents. LED light efficiency is high , Low energy consumption, long life, good color rendering, can achieve the dual benefits of high-quality lighting and energy saving, and provide a low-glare, uniform lighting effect for the tunnel, which can effectively avoid the dazzling feeling of discontinuous light sources on driving. At the same time, Automatically sense the difference in brightness between the outside of the tunnel and the inside of the tunnel, and then smartly adjust the brightness of each tunnel section. For example, in the morning on a sunny day, the tunnel lights in the entrance and exit areas will be brighter than the tunnel lights at night on a cloudy day ."

Whether it is from the safety of lighting, the lighting design of special terrain, or even the renewal of old lamps, Signify's brand Philips can use the latest lighting technology and lighting design experience to provide governments from all over the world on public roads. The perfect solution for safety; Philips lighting fixtures will accumulate experience in tunnel lighting installations from all over the world. In addition to extending its antennae to the eight tunnels in Beishi, it has now completed the LED lighting renovation of the Keelung Road underground tunnel, using smart lighting systems to achieve energy saving, light control, and convenience Road maintenance cost effectiveness such as replacement.

Due to the epidemic situation this year, many people are unable to travel abroad. In addition to the fact that overseas Chinese have returned to Taiwan, the traffic volume during the Lunar New Year holiday this year is expected to be higher than in previous years. Therefore, it is very important to ensure a safe driving environment; for more specific implementation and protection To be safe for passers-by, the lighting equipment for the underpass on Keelung Road is replaced. Signify has brought together tunnel design experts to adjust the brightness of the light, the angle of illumination, and other precise designs that meet the needs of users, so that the parallax and smoothness of driving in and out of the tunnel Significantly improved.

Signify stated that in order to ensure road traffic safety, the lighting of underground passages and tunnels must be uninterrupted 24 hours a day. The electricity bills and the cost of facility depletion have increased year after year. Changing from traditional lamps to LED lamps, in addition to saving a lot of electricity expenses, the weather resistance and stability of tunnel LED lamps also reduces the maintenance cost of facilities, becoming a reference for other counties and cities in China to improve road lighting. The underpass of Keelung Road has a common lane for steam and locomotives, and there is a confluence and diversion gate inside. In addition, the location in the urban area has a large traffic volume and a high risk of accidents. The relative lighting requirements will be more stringent.

According to the CIE088 tunnel lighting standard of the International Commission of Illumination, design a complete tunnel smart lighting system that can dynamically adjust the brightness of the tunnel according to the degree of sunlight outside the tunnel. Taipei City has completed 8 tunnels, including the Minquan Tunnel, the Jinlong Tunnel, and the Huain Tunnel , Kangle Tunnel, Zhuangjing Tunnel, Xinhai Tunnel, Dahu Tunnel, Antai Tunnel and Keelung Road Underground, all with a total length of about 3996.5 meters, a total of about 4,080 sets of LED tunnel lights connected in series with Philips Baselogic and TunneLogic systems are installed, which are large-scale LEDs in China Tunnel light project.

The comfortable visual effect effectively avoids the dazzling and flickering of the driver caused by the unfriendly light source, which greatly improves the safety and comfort of tunnel traffic. Signify said that the replacement of the Philips smart lighting system will save 3.43 million kilowatt-hours of electricity in one year, which is equivalent to 6864 air-conditioners and a reduction of 2,100 metric tons of carbon emissions. Compared with traditional sodium lamps, the total electricity consumption of LED tunnel lighting has been saved by more than 50%, and the actual electricity consumption has dropped by 70%.


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