GE stops selling energy-saving light bulbs and full burst LED bulbs

The US bulb manufacturers GE (strange) plans to stop saving light bulbs (CFL). The US market will be fully discontinued, and is expected to completely sprint LED bulbs at the end of the CFL market. GE LED bulb market share is still behind Cree (Branch), the United States bulb manufacturers GE (strange) (OSRAM), Philips (Philips), the legal person of manufacturers is expected to hold a promotion this year once again. The price of the Taiwan plant will not be easy to rise, but quantity are expected to increase.

GE stops selling energy-saving light bulbs and full burst LED bulbs

Legal person said that the international lighting factory is the first to play a shocking promotional price last year. That is, in order to speed up the CFL lights out of the market, the price fell once and down the provincial light bulbs, and then rely on power saving LE to push back CFL, GE announced this month, the North American market is not supply CFL anymore. It will lead to follow up on other brand stores, LED market penetration this year will be able to jump again, but as the price is more optimistic about the commercial lighting stocks, such as Tang Shi (4972), Lei Dike (5230).

In order to sprint LED bulb penetration, Lighting brand factory will push low-cost LED bulb to expand the general lighting, which is favorable for LED lamp shipments continuously increase. But the unit price is easy to fall, legal person pointed out that despite the terminal prices continued to decline, manufacturers keep stable through cost reduction and strive to stabilize the gross margin. In addition, the market application surface expand, which is useful for high priced products such as Flip Chip , CSP (wafer level package) shipments and penetration increased, and contribute to this year's output value slowly step out of the bottom.

In February LED factory revenue will be affected by the Lunar New Year holiday days to reduce the impact, but in March will be expected to restart growth momentum; legal person expected this year, LED backlight market is expected to come out of the bottom, due to low brand TV inventory level will start inventory cover, New models listed, is expected in this season. LED backlight performance gradually strengthened after the end of the second quarter. In particular. Especially in this year's Brazilian Olympic Games and the European Cup and other international events in the second half of the debut, it helps to stimulate TV sales, but the Korean film TV price cuts will have a crowded effect, affecting high-brightness LED backlit pull goods.


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