Global LED bulb prices fell down

  Competitive market, replacing 40W LED bulbs Asian markets dropped rapidly, the Chinese market local brands bulb prices continue to remain low. As Shun lighting 6.5W LED bulbs, luminous flux of 450 lumens, March killed under market price in China to 4.1 U.S. dollars, is currently the lowest in the market all the statistics. And in addition to English and German, the other statistical areas replace 40W LED bulbs also have the lowest prices fall below $ 10. From the point of view of the market average, 40W LED bulbs to replace part of the Asian market price is generally lower than the current U.S. and European markets.

Global LED bulb prices fell down

  60W LED bulbs replaced part, except for China and Taiwan markets due to low commodity price cheap local brands, the Korean market and the European market price did not differ significantly. LEDinside believes that the main reason for this phenomenon is, relative to the replacement of goods 60W replace 40W product is currently in the Asian market utilization and penetration rate is relatively high, so the market more competitive, lower prices relatively speed fast.


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