Luminous efficiency laboratory reports of LED lighting

  Currently under laboratory conditions, the U.S. maker Cree luminous efficiency white LED lighting laboratory break through 231 lm / W (350mA current drive), breaking the record industry's highest luminous efficiency; another Brand Nichia announced at 20 mA current drive its LED luminous efficiency of up to 249 lumens / watt.

 Luminous efficiency laboratory reports of LED lighting

  In some commercial products, the United States Cree Inc. has begun selling in the market, a small luminous efficiency 160 lm / W LED lighting products, but also launched Nichia luminous efficiency of 133 lumens / watt high power lighting LED lighting, and planned for 2012 will be commercialized white luminous efficiency to 150 lumens / watt. In the LED luminous efficiency rising, driven by the application side the whole lighting effect also made considerable progress. According to the U.S. Energy Board predicts 2015 commercial white LED luminous efficiency of up to 215 components lumens / watt, warm light some may also have the opportunity to reach 184 lumens / watt results.

  According to the U.S. Bureau of Energy forecasts, in 2015 the overall efficiency of LED lighting will reach 172 lumens / watt of success, to replace general lighting is no longer the problem. Plus various countries have banned sales of incandescent light bulbs with high energy consumption and use, promote energy efficient lighting products, LED lighting into the mainstream mass market has become inevitable.


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