Google LED plant factory is getting healthier

Reported a most recent quarter, Google has more than 24400 employees, nurturing a small town near this number of inhabitants of employees can not be a simple matter. Google has a dedicated team of food, worldwide there are 185 restaurants, there are only 30 headquarters, to do more than 100,000 meals per day. Canteen to do is not feed the people, but to make the food as a source of work struggle.

Google LED plant factory is getting healthier

And it is in Google, certainly can not buy food to cook on the bin. The company with a meal-related project called "From farm to table" (Farm to Table), the purpose is to impart knowledge of the food industry, where the bright spot is known Leafy Green Machine (lush green machine) Container .

Container fact hydroponic garden, there is a at Google headquarters. Although Google has a lot of organic vegetable gardens, but containerized almost anywhere, even if the land had been contaminated. Pink LED lights inside the plant can provide light.

Soilless cultivation of plants are grown in hydroponic vertical discharge rack, high utilization of space, a box planted hundreds of plants. General plant three weeks will be able to mature, a box plant enough Google headquarters to eat for a week.

In addition to planting, Google internal as well as free cooking class, which is allegedly one of the most attractive benefits, and packed.

"From farm to table" project manager is Christa Essig, before her entry after a five-sided, very strict. Essig worked for public health organizations drafted food policy, as well as nutrition background. She believes that the goal of the project is to make people "understand food cultivation, and food science and technology, as well as food industry innovation."


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