Hotel in Macau LED lighting project

ENELTEC and its LED lighting products have been used in a large number of star hotels in Hong Kong and Macao, entertainment lighting engineering is widely used to perfect the technology, quality products in Hong Kong and Macao lighting engineering company word of mouth, lighting engineering companies in Macao in, "LTECH" LED lighting is more widely known as a lighting Macau numerous landmarks, attractions, hotels, entertainment, high-end stores of choice.

Hotel in Macau LED lighting project

In Macau, there are not only new landmarks, such as the Department of Melco Movies lighting projects using ENELTEC LED lighting, all these years, Macao's famous "old" five-star hotels, such as the Star Hotel and Casino interstellar lighting renovation project is also in steady stream using ENELTECLED lighting.

StarWorld Macau is located in the heart of the entertainment district of Macau, Galaxy Entertainment Group's first super-star hotel and entertainment project. President Casino acquisition StarWorld, Galaxy's unique blend of Asian wisdom and experience, a comprehensive set of top-level tourism, entertainment and leisure services in the integration, coupled with the unique full color star facilities in Asia and the most professional and attentive service, Macau hit a new tourism model.

Opened ten years, StarWorld Hotel offers visitors a colorful accommodation, catering, entertainment and leisure diversified enjoyment. StarWorld Hotel meticulous build quality enjoyment, won many prestigious awards, including the American Academy of Hospitality Association awarded the "Five Star Diamond Award" by the Chinese hotel industry leaders summit "PARKnSHOP a Chinese hotel" and in the "Michelin Guide Hong Kong and Macau 2014 "known as the" top comfort "hotel.

In recent years in Macau have adopted ENELTEC LED lighting for hotel, entertainment, etc. lighting transformation, so that more tourists visit when interstellar enjoy high-quality lighting and a more relaxed atmosphere.


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