Green lighting design for Asia’s largest railway station

The much-anticipated Guangzhou Baiyun Station, China's largest TOD comprehensive transportation hub and one of Asia's largest railway stations, was officially opened on December 26.

Green lighting design for Asia’s largest railway station

Viewed from the air, the station building looks like the petals of kapok, the city flower of Guangzhou. The shape is based on the theme of "clouds, mountains, beads of water, blooming flowers in flourishing times". The undulating building body and the smart and changing natural light combine the virtual and the real, implying The mountains and rivers are intertwined and life is endless.

Entering the waiting hall, the waiting area of more than 40,000 square meters can accommodate more than 15,000 people boarding the bus at the same time at its peak. 11 ticket gates are distributed on both sides of the waiting area.

"From the elevated waiting hall floor lamp to the platform light strip, orange-red lines and soft light sources complement each other; from the platform escalator to the fire hydrant aluminum plate, kapok elements bloom in every corner of the station building. The optical valley space is bright and atmospheric, with ecological vegetation introduced on both sides. The garden landscape creates a green valley in the interplay of light and shadow, and is embedded with traditional cultural symbols such as the Moon Cave Gate and the Qilou Street. Through the artistic conception of Cantonese opera like rain hitting banana trees and colorful clouds chasing the moon, it conveys the open and inclusive spiritual temperament of Guangzhou people." China Railway Construction Engineering Xue Jiao, the person in charge of the in-depth design of the Guangzhou Baiyun Station project of the Group, explained vividly.

Green and energy-saving concepts run through the entire station. Baiyun Station will lay 6,600 photovoltaic modules on the central roof, which is expected to generate 3.66 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually, providing green energy for lighting, heating, refrigeration, passenger transportation, etc. in the station, and reducing carbon emissions by 3,500 tons per year.

The special area of Baiyun Station - "Optical Valley". It innovatively adopts a guidance design and uses skylights and light pipe lighting systems to directly guide sunlight from the elevated floors to the underground floor, achieving large space lighting with a depth of 290 meters. The 14 streamlined skylights on the top of the station are made of high-performance glass materials to achieve a balance of lighting, sunshade and thermal insulation. Not only can it provide lighting, the "Optical Valley" system can also combine with the architectural form of the platform to shape ventilation streamlines, effectively improving the ventilation environment of the passenger activity space.

During the construction process, many participating units made extensive use of intelligent and digital construction technologies and achieved a series of scientific and technological innovation results. In the field of lighting, lighting companies including Hedong Technology HDL and Sanxiong Aurora have demonstrated their strong strength in "housekeeping skills" and assisted the construction of Guangzhou Baiyun Station.


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