Tianjin Jizhou District carries out street light inspections to cope with rain and snow weather

In order to actively respond to the safe and stable operation of street lights in severe snowfall and cold weather, on December 13, the Street Light Management Office of Jizhou District, Tianjin City ordered "snow" and acted upon hearing "snow". It immediately organized staff to carry out special inspections, focusing on the areas under its jurisdiction. Monitor the operation of street lights on important traffic routes and make every effort to provide a safe and bright road environment for people to travel.

Tianjin Jizhou District carries out street light inspections to cope with rain and snow weather

"The street lights on the North Outer Ring Road are operating normally." Wang Fuxing, leader of the maintenance team of the Jizhou District Street Light Management Office, conducted an online inspection on the smart street light management platform. Unlike previous on-site inspections of street lights, since the smart street light renovation in Jizhou District was completed, maintenance personnel can easily understand the operation status of street lights through online inspections through the smart street light management platform. Smart street lights use the Internet of Things and cloud computing technology to automatically inspect, automatically report for repairs, turn on and off at scheduled times based on longitude and latitude, and achieve remote centralized control of street lights, thereby achieving the goals of energy conservation, emission reduction, energy consumption reduction, and resource sharing.

"In the past, we had to drive along the road to conduct on-site inspections of street lights in rainy and snowy weather. Not only did it take a long time, but it was also unsafe in blizzard weather like today. Now that we have completed the smart street light transformation, we use the smart street light management platform or use our mobile phones to The APP can inspect street lights online. If a street light fails, your mobile phone will immediately receive a text message reminder and accurately locate it." In just a few minutes, Wang Fuxing and several squad leaders, Sun Libin, Zhao Haifeng, and Guoying, used the mobile APP to complete the inspection. Online inspection.

The Jizhou District Street Light Management Office has formulated an emergency repair plan for lighting facilities failure in rainy and snowy weather, and carries out emergency repair work in wind and rainy days based on meteorological information. The smart street light management platform monitors the operating status of street lights in various sections of the city in real time 24 hours a day, and conducts street light inspections in a combination of "online + offline" methods, and repairs problems immediately if problems are found. Focus on comprehensive and detailed investigation and rectification of hidden risks such as insulation aging, poor grounding, and leakage protection failures in street light lines. At the same time, the frequency of inspections on road surfaces, especially on sections prone to water accumulation and snow accumulation, will be strengthened to prevent safety accidents caused by leakage of street light facilities and create a high-quality nighttime travel lighting environment for Jizhou people.


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