Haikou Meilan International Airport launched a "new system" for intelligent management of navigation lights

"On-duty officer, the resistance of the primary circuit cable on the side of the south runway has decreased, and the brightness of the lights may have weakened."

Haikou Meilan International Airport launched a "new system" for intelligent management of navigation lights

"Received, the fault location of the navigation light has been located, and it will be repaired immediately."

Recently, on the runway of Haikou Meilan International Airport (hereinafter referred to as "Meilan Airport") under the Hainan Airport Group, lightning strikes caused by thunderstorms caused the resistance of the light field cable circuit to decrease. According to past experience, it takes about 50 minutes to complete the emergency maintenance, however this time it took only 19 minutes. Behind this efficiency improvement is the risk control and emergency management system for navigational lights independently developed by Meilan Airport and launched on June 14.

Navigation aid lighting is a lighting system that can provide visual guidance for aircraft during takeoff, landing, and taxiing, and is installed at specified locations in the airport. Especially at night and under complex weather conditions, it can assist aircraft pilots to take off and land safely.

Up to now, the navigation aid lighting system on the south runway of Meilan Airport has been in operation for 24 years. It is facing aging and reduced applicability caused by long-term exposure to wind and sun, difficulty in quickly finding relevant information needed for emergency response, and long troubleshooting time, etc. There are many problems, and in the past, the operation of the navigation aid lighting system was often trouble-shooting and repairing after the failure occurred, and it was not possible to completely prevent it in advance.

It is understood that after the navigation lighting risk control and emergency management system was launched, Meilan Airport officially entered a new era of "digital" intelligent navigation lighting operation management. .

The lighting technician only needs to import the current status data of the equipment and facilities, and the system can calculate the risk index of different fields, circuits and equipment through preset formulas, and dynamically track the risk level of individual equipment and facilities and the overall lighting operation, combined with the lighting technician's daily by further calibrating and verifying the risk assessment results through empirical judgment and data analysis, the safety goal of pre-risk management and control of equipment and facilities in the airport can be achieved.

In the past, the lighting technical team needed to spread out all the staff, and raced against time to walk around in various areas to troubleshoot faults. Now, after a fault occurs, the lighting technicians only need to turn on the navigation lighting risk control and emergency management system, and the status of the navigation lighting equipment in Meilan Airport will be displayed on the screen of the mobile phone immediately, changing the inefficient troubleshooting mode in the past. After the failure type is selected, the corresponding disposal plan will pop up directly, including the number of required disposal personnel, each emergency operation process, area, repair tools and other task content, which is convenient for the commander to coordinate and dispatch resources quickly and accurately, and arrange emergency personnel with corresponding work The implementation of relevant work has greatly improved the efficiency of employees' emergency response to navigation lights.

According to statistics, the use of this system can shorten the overall emergency repair time by more than 50%, greatly reducing the time for troubleshooting the causes of faults during the operation of the navigation lights at Meilan Airport, and improving the efficiency of emergency response to the greatest extent. A new idea, a new system and a new system.


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