Harbin 17,000 street lamp access wisdom street lamp system

In order to enhance the intelligent management and control of urban street lighting systems, Harbin has accelerated the construction of the "smart street lamp" information system and built remote control, real-time monitoring, fault alarm, facility security, and performance evaluation through the use of technologies such as beidou and remote sensing. The "smart streetlight" information system.

Harbin 17,000 street lamp access wisdom street lamp system

At present, there are more than 20,000 street lights in the Second Ring Road of Harbin City, of which 17,000 have been connected to the "smart streetlight" information system and will be promoted to the Third Ring Road and the surrounding area.

The Harbin intelligent street lamp information system is built by computers with different divisions of labor. Store the characteristics of inherent geographical information in Harbin, such as latitude and longitude, daily sunrise and sunset times. At the same time, it is also possible to collect street lighting conditions through the light-sensing elements on the street lights to provide a reference for when to need street lighting. In addition to this, the system also included geographical and meteorological factors such as the latitude and longitude of Harbin. Under normal weather conditions, the day-to-day opening and closing times of street lamps vary according to the conditions of sunshine. The difference is about 3 minutes before and after the two days, which is more than the previous winter and summer. The time for opening and closing lights is more human.

The smart system is more than 50% energy efficient than the street lights of the past, and has the functions of automatic fault alarming and rain-proof leakage.


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