Healthy LED lighting used in children’s tablets

The children's tablet is a children's interactive smart product aimed at children's eye protection and learning. The children's tablet is suitable for children aged 3-12 years old. It adds an eye-protecting screen that filters blue light, a screen distance reminder and a time-scheduled eye-protecting design. The children's tablet uses a filter screen to block blue light; distance eye reminders to maintain correct sitting posture; scientifically timed time clock; scientific learning content system, kindergarten and primary school curriculum synchronization.

Healthy LED lighting used in children’s tablets

Why should we build a children's tablet specifically for children? We have to mention the adult IPAD, which is very popular today. Babies are always very interested in their parents’ mobile phones, pads, and computers.

This makes many parents worry: they are afraid of hurting their eyes, afraid of being addicted, afraid of breaking it, and afraid of playing unsuitable games. It is obviously impossible to get children to avoid screens completely. Taking this into consideration, it has become a trend to create an exclusive tablet that is extremely eye-protective, extremely safe, and can provide children with system knowledge!

Healthy lighting is lighting based on visual and non-visual effects that improves the quality of the light environment and contributes to people's physical and mental health. The visual effects of lighting have always received attention in the past, such as illuminance, illumination uniformity, color temperature, color rendering, etc. In addition, non-visual effects also require close attention and attention, both of which form the basis of healthy lighting.

Healthy LED lighting mainly launches a series of healthy LED lighting products to achieve LED health lighting products that integrate many advantages such as high light efficiency, no flicker, no radiation, and long life. Since LED light sources in the field of healthy lighting have the advantages of 1. energy saving and environmental protection; 2. long service life; 3. no flicker and green, etc., healthy LED lighting has great development prospects in the future.


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