Hilton Hainan Regional Hotel responds to environmental commitments

On March 27th, the Hilton Hainan Regional Hotel actively responded to the call of "Earth Hour"-symbiosis with nature and a voice for the earth. The hotel will shut down non-essential lighting equipment from 8:30-9:30 that night to fulfill its environmental protection commitments; activities On the same day, activities such as promoting the protection of the ocean, reducing the use of plastic products, deep cleaning the beach, advocating low-carbon travel, and leading hotel members to practice the CD operation, helped the sustainable development of the community.

Hilton Hainan Regional Hotel responds to environmental commitments

On March 27th, Hilton Hainan Regional Hotel conveyed the environmental protection awareness of saving energy and reducing waste to the guests and the community through interactive activities with customers. Hilton Haikou joins Meituan bicycles to invite in-house guests to ride healthily; Hilton Haikou Luneng invites in-store guests to challenge garbage sorting games and other activities to pass on environmental protection knowledge. DoubleTree by Hilton Resort Chengmai invites guests to join early morning yoga and experience the beauty of wetland health and vacation; Hilton Wenchang Luneng and DoubleTree by Hilton Binhu Resort Hainan Xinglong lead the guests to live on fluorescent handmade cultural creation and environmental protection knowledge. Deliver the environmental protection concept of caring for the earth. Conrad Sanya Haitang Bay and DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Sanya Haitang Bay organized voluntary beach cleaning activities to protect the beautiful coastline; Hilton Garden Inn Sanya launched online public welfare posters to interact with each other, inviting guests to join the circle of friends in the environmental protection relay. Hilton Sanya Yalong Bay leads guests to team up to challenge popular games in variety shows, integrate environmental protection knowledge to carry out fun rushes, give more interesting experiences to environmental protection activities, and create a more memorable holiday trip for guests.

Sun Jinpeng, regional general manager of Hilton Hainan North District, said: “Hilton Hainan Regional Hotel has also done a lot of environmental protection efforts in daily operation and management, and insisted on not using plastic bottled drinking water in conference venues, fitness centers and spas. 13 million waste plastic bottles can be reduced each year. Natural lighting is used in architectural design, so that guests can reduce energy consumption while experiencing the beautiful natural scenery of Hainan; use LED lighting, solar heat pump systems and other environmentally friendly equipment and facilities to reduce hotels Daily energy consumption; a series of actions such as scientifically controlling the use time of high-power electrical appliances according to the peak and flat time periods of electricity consumption, leading team members and guests to change their living habits, practice sustainable lifestyles, and practice environmental protection concepts. We are always committed to To create opportunities to improve the community, to advocate and promote sustainable development, to attract team members to participate and fulfill Hilton’s commitment to "travel with purpose"."


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