LED smart lighting is introduced into the sports industry

In recent years, global LED lighting has become more people-oriented, smarter and more energy-efficient. The Bureau of Industry of the Ministry of Economic Affairs combines innovative service system solutions to promote the provision of light environment and field integration planning solutions based on the needs of end field users, assisting domestic sports venues to introduce LED health lighting systems, and building people-oriented health lighting light environment systems , To promote low-carbon energy-saving smart and healthy lighting application field demonstration cases, and promote the expansion of smart green energy applications in the LED lighting industry.

LED smart lighting is introduced into the sports industry

The Industry Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs stated that this (109) year LED smart health lighting promotes the introduction of the sports industry, using the Taipei City Datong Sports Center as the "sports health promotion light environment" demonstration field, and the newly established "health" for the middle and senior ages. "Lighting Sports Zone", taking into account the needs of middle-aged and senior athletes for higher brightness lighting environment and energy-saving requirements of operating places, integrating the human-based lighting design energy of domestic production and research units, LED smart lighting lamps, and smart control systems, and the original main lighting T8 The grille lamp is replaced with a high luminous efficiency 110 Lm/W LED planographic lamp, and the laminate lamp is also replaced by a monochromatic LED tube with a dimmable color RGB intelligent lighting system. The overall energy saving is 75%, and the brightness is increased by 1.375 times. According to the sports schedule and different sports groups, you can set the lighting for male models' vitality, female models' stress relief, and senior health to create an energy-saving, comfortable, safe, and healthy sports light environment. In addition to improving the satisfaction of sports center operations, and driving more healthy sports crowds of commercial added value, it also creates a model for innovative applications of low-carbon energy-saving green buildings.

The Bureau of Industry promotes innovative application demonstrations of LED healthy lighting in sports venues. The healthy light environment further combines intelligent, personal, and digital technologies to create a new type of smart sports field, providing an excellent demonstration and pioneering development for the LED lighting industry in promoting healthy lighting. Innovative application niches and service business opportunities.


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