Home lighting how to choose the color temperature of LED bulb

At present, many families use LED bulb to carry out lighting decoration, one for energy saving and environmental protection, two fashion, the general family of LED bulbs used for LED ceiling, LED downlight, LED bulb, LED ceiling, In the choice of a good lamp, we need to choose LED bulb light color, that color temperature, then, how to choose color temperature it.

Home lighting how to choose the color temperature of LED bulb

First, we have to look at the color temperature, the general color temperature in three, one is warm white, color temperature in the 3000K to 3200K, the second is white, color temperature range between 4000K to 4500K, three cold white, color temperature range of 6000K-6500K. Perhaps some people do not understand the concept of color temperature, then we can speak some popular, warm white light color yellow, close to the sun, white light is like a fluorescent white, relatively bright, cold white light blue.

In the family lighting, the general living room is relatively large, the use of white light will be better, if the living room is also installed LED lighting, the spotlight can be warm white. Bedroom is a place to sleep, to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, you can use warm white, more suitable for sleep. The toilet and the kitchen can be made with white light and look brighter.


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