China LED street lamp penetration rate of 30%

With the LED chip and drive power technology to enhance, plagued the LED lights cooling, light failure, power and other issues to be resolved, while the price of the rapid decline in the price of LED lights to enhance the price.

China LED street lamp penetration rate of 30%

China LED lights gradually replace the traditional street lights to become the main force of the new installation of the street lights, while the future of intelligent control features LED lights more enhanced the advantages of LED lights products in the current context of energy saving and emission reduction, the local government to promote LED street lamp products.

With the Chinese government subsidies have been withdrawn, and coastal developed areas of street lighting is nearing completion, China LED street lamp transformation will enter a benign and steady growth stage, and overseas markets gradually began to become the future growth momentum.

Research data show that China's LED market to benefit from the collective pick up, 2016 China's LED street lamp market scale reached 9.46 billion, an increase of 15.4%, as of the end of 2016 China LED street lamp penetration rate of nearly 30%.

At the same time, the wisdom of the city from the concept of exploration gradually into the real construction stage, with the wisdom of the city to accelerate the construction, as well as things, cloud computing and other new generation of information technology widely used, intelligent street construction will usher in rapid development opportunities. It is expected that by 2020, China's LED intelligent street market penetration will increase to about 40%.

Through the field survey of China's main LED street lamp enterprises, combined with the face-to-face conversation with leaders of LED street lamp industry in China, a large amount of first-hand information is collected, which provides a solid basis for the preparation of this report. In the full investigation on the basis of the preparation of the "2017 China LED street lamp industry research report."

This report has carried on the detailed research and the analysis to the China LED street lamp industry scale, the shipments, the price, the business model, the key enterprise, the investment opportunity and the suggestion, the market development trend in 2017 and the next few years. Hope that through earnest investigation, in-depth study and analysis, for investors, the industry, securities companies and want to understand the LED street lamp industry, to provide the most accurate and most valuable LED street lamp industry data and survey reports.


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