How does LED protect the classroom lighting?

  "Education is the foundation". As the country attaches great importance to education issues, a school has risen to the ground and a number of “aged” colleges have ushered in renovations. Whether it is a new school or a refurbished college, the issue of classroom lighting needs to be given special attention. Only in this way can we create a good learning environment for students.

How does LED protect the classroom lighting?

When choosing classroom lighting, we need to pay special attention to unfavorable factors such as stroboscopic and ultraviolet light.

The stroboscopic phenomenon is the "culprit" that causes eye fatigue and damages people's vision. Especially for teenagers, strobe is more "responsible." Everyone can think about this problem: from candles, kerosene lamps to incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, the brightness of lighting is gradually increasing, while the visual acuity of young people is declining year by year, and the degree of aging is also increasing.

This indisputable fact, strobe is hard to blame. The LED luminaire is powered by low voltage DC, and there is no periodic alternating voltage of the power supply, so there is no stroboscopic effect. It is now recognized as a health light for people's vision, especially for young people's vision. Therefore, school lighting renovation, Kaichen classroom lighting has become a good choice.

No ultraviolet radiation source. Incandescent lamps have varying degrees of ultraviolet radiation. Research by an authoritative organization shows that working under incandescent light and learning the ultraviolet rays absorbed by the day - quite an hour in the sun, the ultraviolet content is quite amazing.

Ultraviolet radiation directly destroys the body's immune system, kills white blood cells, damages the chemical bonds between nucleic acids and proteins, causes genetic (DNA) mutations, and even cancer. Therefore, when choosing classroom lighting, ultraviolet radiation should be avoided as much as possible, and the LED has no ultraviolet light characteristics, just in line with the relevant requirements of classroom lighting.


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