How should led lamp beads be tested

For the application of lamp beads, the basic application of large-scale decorative equipment is the use of light sources for lighting equipment, such as: ceiling lamps, downlights, small table lamps, and other LED lighting equipment. The application of beads, in these devices, the LED lamp bead is used as a light source, so how to detect the light source?

How should led lamp beads be tested

1. Place the lighting equipment or lamp bead equipment to be tested in front of the DC stabilized power supply.

2. Then turn on the DC stabilized power supply, adjust the voltage, and rotate to 3V.

3. According to the instructions for use, connect the positive and negative poles of the led lamp bead correctly, and then start the test.

In these major steps, special attention must be paid. The above parameters are set according to the basic parameters of the power supply of the ceiling lamp. Therefore, the adjustment of the applied voltage of different lighting equipment is also different, and different lamp bead models, so The required voltage is also different. You must set different voltages to test according to what kind of equipment the LED lamp bead is used as the power supply and what type of lamp bead is used.


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