How to avoid buying inferior LED lamps?

LED lamps can be said to be very popular nowadays. Whether it is as an art light source or as a direct lighting fixture, it has an irreplaceable and increasingly important position.

How to avoid buying inferior LED lamps?

In fact, LED lamps are indeed a relatively high-tech species, and the cost is higher than other lighting fixtures. Moreover, with the improvement of scientific research level, LED lamps will perform better in terms of light efficiency, energy consumption and lighting effects.

8 strokes, teach you choose LED lamps correctly

Well, the problem is coming. For this kind of "high-tech" illuminator, ordinary people don't understand it very well. So how do we choose to rely on it? After collecting and summarizing, we believe that the following eight strokes are worth learning!

1. Look at the light quality and anti-glare effect. This is also the difference between the various quality and defective lamps. It must be said that the quality of lighting is the root of a lamp. The beautiful spotlight is the most influential lighting effect. The anti-glare performance is also one of the things we must look at when choosing a lamp. Otherwise, a glare lamp will really make you collapse.

2, look at the light effect.

First come to the science light effect: the light energy generated by the light source per W electric power (commonly known as luminous flux), the unit: lumens / watt (Lm / w).

This can be seen from the instructions and outer packaging of the LED luminaire. It means that under the same lamp power, the higher the light efficiency, the higher the brightness; the same illumination brightness, the smaller the power consumption.

3, Look at the color temperature, what is the color temperature (about the color temperature, illumination, these technical terms, the author's other articles have been introduced). Whether the color temperature distribution is uniform will directly affect the lighting effect; and the color temperature and color rendering are interrelated, and the change of color temperature will cause the change of color rendering index (common understanding, the color rendering index refers to the ability of the light to restore the true color of things) ,the higher the better).

4. Look at the power efficiency. This is ignored by many people. In fact, the higher the power efficiency, the better. High power efficiency indicates that the lower the power consumption of the power supply itself, the greater the power output.

5, LED lamp power factor: low power factor, indicating the use of the drive power, circuit design is not good, will greatly reduce the life of the lamp, low power factor, the use of good lamp beads will not last long.

6, the heat dissipation performance of LED lamps: low thermal resistance, the better the heat dissipation. If the thermal resistance is high, the heat dissipation is poor, so that the temperature rise of the device will affect the wavelength drift of the light. When the temperature rises by one degree, the wavelength of the light should drift by 0.2-0.3 nm, which will directly affect the light quality. Excessive temperature rise also directly affects the service life of high-power LED downlights.

7. Look at the materials and structure of the heat sink components of LED lamps. Especially for high-power LED lamps, heat dissipation is very important. Some inferior LED lamps have no heat dissipation settings at all. The same wattage, the same light effect, the same quality of the two LED lamps, the heat is not good, usually the light fade will be more obvious, and the service life will be much shorter.

8, Look at work. Just like when we buy shoes, we need to look at insoles and shoelaces. If we buy clothes, we have to look at the pockets. The things that work well are generally not bad. LED lamps are also the same, workmanship of fine LED lamps, I believe that quality will not be bad.

I have said so much above, maybe you still don't know how to choose LED lights, or some of them are still unclear. ENELTEC reminds us that we have a simpler method, that is, don't be greedy, choose a regular brand, a manufacturer's products, and generally can't go wrong, because big brands and big manufacturers will bear more if they go wrong, there is loss and market impact.


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