LED power supply affects the service life of LED street lamps

With the advancement of technology, for LED products, the service life is relatively long, then for LED street lights, 70% of the factors affecting his service life are from LED power supply, so the power supply of LED is crucial. So, how about distinguishing the quality of LED power supply? Hebei Changyuan technicians discuss this issue.

LED power supply affects the service life of LED street lamps

1, driver chip - IC

For the core of the power supply is the IC, its quality directly affects the entire power supply. This will distinguish whether it is produced by a large factory or a small factory. If a small package factory is to be packaged, the consistency of the entire batch of ICs cannot be guaranteed. As a result, the drive power supply will be ineffective after being used for a period of time, so it is necessary to purchase the power supply product at a reasonable price.

2, transformer

The control chip is the brain center of the power supply, determines the power, the temperature is the transformer, the transformer is responsible for completing the "alternating current", the energy overload will saturate the bomber, and the core content of the transformer is the core and the wire package.

3, electrolytic capacitors and chip ceramic capacitors

The quality requirements of capacitors that are easier to ignore, in fact, have a great impact on the power supply of the output capacitor life. Recommended output electrolytic capacitor: LED dedicated electrolysis, the general model starts with L.

4. Circuit design and welding process of power products.

For the design of the pros and cons, can be distinguished by some intuitive methods, such as neat, generous, orderly, welding and lighting, welding technology, manual welding and wave soldering process. Discrimination method: Whether there is red glue on the back.

5, batch testing of power products, aging racks and high temperature aging rooms

Power products with good control of materials and production processes still need to be tested for aging. Only through batch aging of the power supply and high-temperature sampling of high-temperature rooms can the quality stability of the power supply and whether the materials have potential safety hazards be judged.

For the LED power supply, it has a great influence on the service life of the street lamp. Therefore, in the process of purchasing the LED power supply, it is necessary to control the quality and select qualified products to ensure the service life of the street lamp.


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