How to enter the interior lighting LED lighting market

  LED lighting on a large scale into the interior lighting market, the following conditions is essential.

 How to enter the interior lighting LED lighting market

  1.LED lamps improve light efficiency when a low color temperature 4,000 K color temperature is usually below the low of choice for indoor home lighting. Warm white make the whole environment more warm and relaxed; rather cool white is giving clean, efficient and bright feel, more suitable for office and outdoor lighting.

  2.LED lamp prolong life, improve system reliability. In general lighting applications, LED's overall efficiency, service life and reliability can be optimized by the system can be improved.

  3.LED light: compact, efficient, and output power of a variety of colors to choose from.

  4 Power Conversion: the AC, batteries and other power conversion efficiency as a safe low voltage, constant current power supply.

  5 Control and drive: the use of electronic circuits to achieve constant current LED driver and control.

  6 Thermal Management: To achieve a longer life, control the LED junction temperature is very important, thermal analysis is also essential.

  7 Optical elements: a lens, reflector or focusing the light guide plate is necessary in the target area of ??the optical element.


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