How to improve the reliability of LED lighting

  By the world energy trends and the Tohoku earthquake triggered by rising awareness of energy conservation, the Japanese market for white LED lighting with increased demand, prompting the LED lighting market value is constantly growing rapidly, however, to make a light source completely from the traditional Incandescent lighting the way into LED lighting, the product features are still some problems to be solved there, where the industry R & D focus in particular LED lamp high color rendering and high reliability based.

How to improve the reliability of LED lighting

  General white LED packaging structure is a blue LED chip mounted on the substrate, and then a resin containing an encapsulated phosphor. The luminescent color of the LED element (blue) and the emission fluorescent colors (yellow, red or green, etc.) are mixed will form white light.

  From the light emitting efficiency point of view, generally mostly blue + yellow to form white light, but this will cause poor reproducibility of red and therefore not suitable for lighting purposes. The solution generally adopted is to increase the red component, thereby improving the reproducibility of the red, but such would cause problems luminous efficiency is not satisfactory.

  To take into account, the high luminous efficiency and high Ra value, the industry will be efficient phosphors inside the package configuration in order to best of both worlds as countermeasures technology, has successfully developed a Ra ≧ 80 and high luminous efficiency of products. This series of products in terms of Ra and R9 (red) on the performance of the index are very good, with the same Ra value compared to other brand products, the products of the R9 higher value, the red is also better reproducibility . With this technology breakthrough, LED lights can not only reduce the uneven color, but also in response to more detailed color Level.


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