How to install LED underwater lights correctly

LED underwater lights use LED technology to produce underwater lights. Compared to the traditional terms of underwater lights, LED underwater lights more environmentally friendly, but also the light changing and diverse, more decorative, is widely used in a variety of landscape lighting systems. But as LED lighting manufacturers, LED underwater lights for installation in some issues that need special attention.

How to install LED underwater lights correctly

1, LED underwater lights should adopt DC constant current power supply. In the constant power control, LED wall washer, LED flood light, LED underwater lights, LED buried lights LED forward voltage drop as the temperature rises chip becomes smaller, so the case for LED water Under light and not much impact. But if the constant drive will then cause the chip LED underwater lights with the temperature increasing in the current circumstances, when serious and may even burn LED underwater lights. Therefore, LED underwater lights should be used DC constant current power supply.

2. Need to make anti-static measures. LED underwater light in the course of processing to be used in the installation of certain anti-static measures, such as: bench to ground, the workers wear anti-static clothing, with anti-static ring, as well as with anti-static gloves, conditions can install anti-static ion fan, but also to ensure the installation of air humidity around 65%, in order to avoid the air too dry to generate static electricity. In addition, different quality grades of LED antistatic ability are not the same, the quality of high-grade LED underwater lights antistatic ability is stronger.

3, Pay attention to the sealing of LED products. No matter what kind of LED lighting products, when applied to outdoor, led lamps are faced with moisture, sealing problems, LED underwater lights, it is especially true. Sealing problems were not dealt directly affect the life of LED underwater lighting products.


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