2015 global LED bulb price fluctuates significantly

According to the latest survey shows that the retail price of LED bulbs, this year (2015) in October, the global LED bulb replace 40W rendering retail price rise of about 2.8 percent, to $ 11.1; replace 60W LED bulb showing global average price rose 3.5% to $ 15.0.

2015 global LED bulb price fluctuates significantly

The price of the UK, following the third quarter showed a larger decline in the price of a larger pullback in October, up 9.9%. Cheap promotional activities involved in the early part of the product, prices return to normal, as OSRAM8W 470lm bulb, prices rose $ 5.93, or nearly 3 percent.

Germany area in October also showed a 9.2% price rose sharply, most of the products prices have callback, a small part of a larger pullback products, such as Philips 8W 470lm bulb, a pullback to 25.45 US dollars, rose over 2 percent.

While the United States remained stable overall prices, but prices of some products showing greater volatility, as such Feit 7.5W 500lm Bulb, price to $ 7.99, a drop of 11%; and CREE6W 450lm bulb, four loaded price from $ 22.22 rose to $ 26.87, or 21 percent.

Asia, prices were relatively stable. In addition to presenting Japan fell 4.5 percent, the rest prices remain stable.


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