Improvement of bridge lighting along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in Wuxi, Jiangsu

Recently, the Wuxi City Municipal and Garden Bureau of Jiangsu Province implemented a project to improve the quality of urban night scenes, and improved the lighting of bridges along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. At present, the first batch of 4 bridges including Wu Bridge, Xianli Bridge, Hongxing Bridge and Xinyang Bridge have been rebuilt, creating an ornamental, harmonious and comfortable urban night view.

Improvement of bridge lighting along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in Wuxi, Jiangsu

Put on the "Dazzling Xiayi" bridge to light up the Grand Canal

During the day, the Hongxing Bridge is bustling with traffic and traffic; when night falls, the Hongxing Bridge is put on a gorgeous evening dress. Last night, the reporter saw on the north ramp of Hongxing Bridge that the intensity of light on the bridge changed and the color matching outlined the curve of the bridge in the night.

From a close view, the "Ruyi Plum Blossom" lamps representing Wuxi's city flower adorn the bridge body, which resembles the delicate embroidery on a dancer's dress, which is elegant and interesting; The lines and the gorgeous colors of the bridge body are integrated into one, and the bridge is covered with a unique "dazzling glow".

The warm lights on the bridge pour down, lighting up a light for those who return home late, and also lighting up the night view of the city.

"Although the subway construction is under construction near the Hongxing Bridge, it does not affect its appearance at all. The bridge is neat and clean during the day, and the lights are bright at night, revealing the beauty of Xicheng hidden in the night." A resident of Sunshine City Garden There is also an extra scenic spot for a walk after dinner in the evening.

The change of lighting concept takes into account the historical heritage and the beauty of the city

In the past, urban lighting pursued brightness, but today's lighting concept has changed, focusing on integrating Wuxi's local characteristics, taking into account the "upgrade" of Wuxi's historical heritage and the beauty of the city.

The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal's first batch of bridge lighting upgrades and renovations will be known as "Jiangnan water alleys, out-of-print canals", and the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal will be "adapted to the scenery" and transformed into a beautiful and happy river that citizens love to see by using lighting aesthetics.

Walking on Wuqiao, you can see unique lamps and lanterns, like rice warehouses inlaid on the guardrails on both sides. Jiang Weiliang, a staff member of the Lighting Management Section of the Municipal Lighting and Drainage Management Center, introduced that Wuqiao is the only steel structure bridge on the Wuxi Canal, and it is also one of the four major rice markets in modern Chinese history, where the former site of Mi Wharf is located.

This upgrade adheres to "care for originality", and the installation of lighting equipment is concealed to protect the original style of bridge buildings. In particular, "rice warehouse theme" lamps are added to the side railings of the bridge, so that pedestrians can recall the past of "rice market" at night of brilliance.

As the first bridge in Wuxi to start construction and function as an urban flood control hub, Xianli Bridge has also "transformed".

This upgrade not only maintains the usual low-key and elegant style of the bridge, but also pays attention to the overall echo with the adjacent bridge——Liangyun Bridge. It uses the most comfortable color temperature and the most clear lines to highlight the most authentic appearance of the bridge body. Incisively and vividly, let the moonlight, light and water color together form the most harmonious light and shadow, and the reflection forms a sparkling scene on the bridge deck. The beauty of the pure and elegant light and shadow is indescribable.


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