Shanghai Changping Road Bridge becomes the first illuminated bridge under the Suzhou Creek

According to the Shanghai Bureau of Greening and City Appearance, recently, the Suzhou Creek (Jing'an Section) in Shanghai under the night has undergone new changes, and Changping Road and Bridge ushered in a landscape upgrade. Located on the Suzhou Creek, starting from the intersection of Changping Road and West Suzhou Road in the west, and ending at the intersection of Hengtong Road and Guangfu Road in the east, the bottom of the Changping Road Bridge is "lit up" by orderly arranged matrix lights, creating an artistic conception of "dark night starry sky" , to enhance the night tour experience.

Shanghai Changping Road Bridge becomes the first illuminated bridge under the Suzhou Creek

The Jing'an section of the Suzhou Creek is about 6.3 kilometers long. The north bank starts from Yuanjing Road in the west and ends at Henan North Road in the east, which is 4.7 kilometers long; the south bank starts from Anyuan Road in the west and ends at Chengdu North Road in the east, with a length of 1.6 kilometers.

There are many historical buildings along the Suzhou Creek (Jing'an section). Historically, this place used to be an important center for Sino-foreign exchanges. Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce, Tianhou Palace, Shenyuli, Xintai Warehouse, Sixing Warehouse... Many century-old buildings stand here, carrying many unforgettable histories of Jing'an and even Shanghai historical and cultural heritage. "The Eye of the Su River" will welcome the summer night with a brand-new view!

At night, under the backdrop of the fog forest system and lights, Changping Road Bridge creates hazy mist and elegant colors, just like a "fairyland on earth" comfortable environment. Riding on the cruise ship, blowing the evening breeze and enjoying the beautiful scenery, when you swim in the Suzhou River, the river surface is sparkling and the night scenery is beautiful, so pleasant.

The lighting project at the bottom of Changping Road and Bridge brings a 360° lighting scene, mainly through the development and design of the lighting control module, which is connected with the lighting to form an independent subsystem, integrating the energy storage system, 2.4G wireless control module, and DMX512 control module in the equipment, with the lighting control module as the fulcrum of the system, solves the problems of different protocols, ports, and control management logic, and achieves the integration breakthrough and safe use of cross-professional systems.

The Changping Road and Bridge Bottom Lighting Project also flexibly uses advanced technologies in solutions such as distributed energy storage, clean energy, dual-system mutual backup, and real-time detection and identification interaction. In the exploration and practice of fine management of landscape lighting energy, the evolution from mode control energy saving to on-demand control section has realized low-valley power consumption and peak-peak use, so as to ensure the effect and zero-carbon cycle.


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