In the United States LED the national research project

In the United States LED the national research project

The U.S. department of energy (doe) to form a national research project "" semiconductor lighting, plans to use 10 years time, at a cost of $500 million to develop semiconductor lighting, participants including 13 national key laboratories, companies and universities, and plans to 2010, 55% of incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp was replaced by the semiconductor light;By 2025, the use of solid-state lighting light source will has halved the lighting electricity, electricity saving $35 billion a year.Rainbow plans in July 2000, the European Union, set up executive research department, through the eu BRITE EURAM / - 3 program support to promote the application of white LED, entrust the 6 big companies and 2 university of execution.Rainbow plan is the main content of the development of gallium nitride based equipment and related manufacturing infrastructure, hope that through semiconductor lighting is applied to implement high efficiency, energy saving, do not use harmful environmental materials, simulation of natural light to target.

LED industry in China was born in the 1970 s, the early start.In 1993, many universities and research is under the support of national natural science foundation of 863 and, in the field to carry out the related research work.

In June 2003, the national semiconductor lighting project plan to start.In July 2004, the ministry of science and technology announced the official launch of the first 50 project of "national semiconductor lighting project" strive to achieve by 2007 China's semiconductor lighting will gradually replace incandescent lamp, replace the fluorescent lamp after 2012.


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