Plant growth LED application caused worldwide concern

The LED application research in the field of plant physiology and plant cultivation has drawn wide attention all over the world.

Plant growth LED application caused worldwide concern

Developed countries represented by Japan and the United States not only in-depth study LED the regulation mechanism of plant growth and development, focus more on the positive research to the LED is widely used in plant facility cultivation in the field of technology and products.(1) the United States national aeronautics and space administration to the LED lighting facilities as the base and so on locking type life support system of one of the relevant technology research.Japan's closure type LED plant factory has entered the practical stage of study;CCS company production plant growth systems through growth control software control LED grow lighting, can implement different light quality automatic control;New LED light source seed container "Uni - PACK" is successfully developed, is raising seed space utilization, effective wavelength utilization and lighting efficiency, reduce the somaclone production cost advantage.

China LED application in the field of plant facilities cultivation mechanism research is still in its infancy.Draw lessons from foreign research results, further system research basic theory in the field of LED application in facility culture is necessary.It is important to note that different plants combination of spectrum, PPFD needed for different growth period and the light cycle, there are some differences, though there are some foreign literature reported applications such as red and blue LED spectral combination of different research on the effects of plant growth and development and morphogenesis, but the lack of growth characteristics in different periods combining with different species, analysis the mechanism of plant response to the LED light quality control study, therefore has failed to give the best LED spectral composition of different plants in different growth period and reliable PPFD and cycle parameters and system information.

In addition, while China is plant facility cultivation area is big, but the facility cultivation with independent intellectual property rights in the field of LED technology products research and development of the basic or blank, be badly in need of engineering disciplines and plant researchers to work together, developed in accordance with China's actual production LED plant light, automatic lighting control system, the new plant growth regulating device and large factory nursery plant facilities, etc.With the development of LED technology and the cost of production decline year by year, especially as China's semiconductor lighting project started, believe in the near future, with a variety of LED technology and products will be widely applied to the production of plant facilities cultivation practice.


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