India LED lighting market is growing rapidly

In recent years, the rapid development of the Indian lighting market, which incandescent products market is basically stable, fluorescent products steady growth, LED lighting products is in the ascendant. In 2015, the Indian traditional lighting products market negative growth, while LED lighting products are still maintained a certain growth rate, and reached the entire lighting industry market share of 28%; 2016, India LED lighting market size reached 1.14 billion US dollars, the year An increase of 47.1%.

India LED lighting market is growing rapidly

The survey shows that India's lighting power consumption accounts for about 18% of the country's electricity consumption. Indian Prime Minister Moody took office after the lighting energy is quite valued, hoping to promote LED lighting products to save power consumption, plans to 2020, the lighting power consumption dropped to 13% of the national power consumption. According to the Indian Association of Light and Components Manufacturers predicted that in 2020 the scale of India's LED lighting industry will reach 2136 billion rupees, about 20.5 billion yuan.

With the market demand and policy support, India's LED lighting market potential can be expected. India and most countries in the world, compared with large-scale production capacity of lighting products, but there is a large number of lighting products incoming assembly companies (semi-spare parts assembly SKD and spare parts assembly CKD), mainly due to India is not With a complete industrial chain supporting capacity, a large number of lighting industry raw materials, components and semi-finished products still rely on imports, while China is its most important source of imports.

According to GSCResearch import and export data monitoring, in 2015, India imported from the world worth 808 million US dollars of LED lighting products, of which 75.4% from China, followed by 6.2% from Japan, India was promoted to China LED Lighting products export the sixth largest market. India's largest imports from China LED lighting category is the ceiling, panel lights and light strip lights, three accounted for more than 68%, followed by projection lamps, bulbs and downlights.

China's exports to India, the top 10 suppliers of LED lighting products amounted to 170 million US dollars, accounting for China's exports to India, the total amount of 27.9%. From the geographical distribution, the top 10 enterprises, including four in Guangzhou, Shenzhen 1, Foshan 1, Zhejiang 2, Nanjing 1, Changsha 1. Among them, six from Guangdong, the six LED lighting business to India exports of 127 million US dollars, accounting for the country's exports to India's top 10 enterprises in 74.4%.

For China, the LED industry is China's emerging industries in the most promising one of the industry, Guangdong is the country's most concentrated LED lighting industry area. As of 2016, Guangdong Province, the province's LED industry in the scale of enterprises has reached more than 4,000, driving the relevant employment population of 3 million, the output value of more than 3500 billion yuan.


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