The Guide of Indoor LED lighting classification

LED lighting sales hot increasingly in the market, but with the recent domestic listed LED business "news", we can easily find, LED lighting in order to compete for its leading position in the lighting industry. This stage must be adapted to the reform. A lot of LED lighting business performance of an entrepreneur's toughness and unique vision, we are all in the open source of the cost of saving time, some wise LED lighting business is the opposite, and increased the LED lighting technology innovation and channel laying. It seems that those LED lighting manufacturers production strategy is successful, but also LED enterprises in the follow-up development path should be encouraged.

The Guide of Indoor LED lighting classification

LED indoor lighting classification have divided into way and light type. Different areas of the application of LED lighting lamp type is also different, its usage is not the same. LED lighting applications in the field of appropriate lighting can play their greatest advantage, the following detailed is the analysis of LED lighting indoor type classification:

First. Classify by type

Direct LED lighting: direct lighting refers to the light emitted through the lamp, 90% -100% of the luminous flux to the assumed working surface, resulting in a strong light contrast and vivid light and shadow effects, can highlight the face in the whole environment Status, mainly for workplaces.

Semi-direct LED lighting: semi-direct lighting refers to the use of translucent material made of shade cover the upper part of the light source, so that 60% -90% of the light focused on the work surface, in addition, there will be 10% % of the proportion of translucent shade through the spread after the spread. The light generated by the lighting method is relatively soft, upward diffuse light can increase the sense of space, mainly for the lower level of the room.

Indirect LED lighting: Indirect lighting refers to the light source caused by the indirect light of the lighting, of which 90% -100% of the luminous flux through the ceiling or wall reflection on the face, the remaining less than 10% of the light direct exposure to the work surface. In general, this way of lighting only in conjunction with other lighting methods used in order to obtain a special artistic effect, mainly for shopping malls, clothing stores, conference rooms and so on.

Semi-indirect LED lighting: semi-direct lighting compared to semi-direct way, semi-indirect lighting is a completely opposite way of lighting, specifically the translucent shade is installed in the lower part of the light source, making more than 60% of the light shot flat , Thus forming an indirect light source, the remaining 10% -40% of the light is diffused through the lamp cover down. This way can produce more obvious lighting effects, so that the lower the room to produce a certain sense of increased. Mainly applicable to the smaller part of the residential space, such as foyer, aisle and so on.

Diffuse LED lighting: diffuse lighting means the use of lighting refraction function to control the glare, which will spread to the surrounding diffuse diffuse. This kind of lighting is generally in two forms, one is the light from the shade of the shell by the flat-top reflection, both sides from the translucent shade spread, and the lower part of the spread from the grille. The other is to use a translucent shade to cover all the light and produce diffuse. The lighting produced by such lighting is visually comfortable and suitable for use in bedrooms, rooms and so on.

Second: According to the type of classification: a whole LED lighting, focus LED lighting, auxiliary LED lighting, level lighting, three-dimensional LED lighting, decorative LED lighting.

Generally speaking, in the office generally use the overall lighting (basic lighting, environmental lighting), and in the home and shopping malls, bars and other places will use a combination of several lighting. Haimai photoelectric (HEG) specializing in indoor LED lighting research and development, production and sales. Main LED products are LED panel lights, LED downlights, LED ceiling lamps, LED fluorescent tubes, LED integrated ceiling lights, and other series.


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