Industrial high temperature resistant LED lighting

Since the development of LED lights, under the premise of long-term use, LED lights still have many major technical problems that need to be overcome, especially the most important "heat dissipation", including the heat dissipation of the chip and power supply in the bulb. Without a perfect heat dissipation design, many problems will occur. The occurrence of various problems, such as deterioration of luminous efficiency, short service life and color shift, etc. In order to solve the energy-saving lighting needs of buyers in harsh environments, ENELTEC has invested a long time in research, using exclusive patented heat dissipation technology and The lead-free process, combined with the built-in integrated power supply design equipped with military-grade capacitors, and after many tests, successfully developed an LED lighting fixture suitable for high-temperature environments. Compared with ordinary electronic equipment, it is easier to operate at 60 degrees Celsius. Abnormal, this LED lamp can have stable heat dissipation function in environments with temperatures as high as 90 degrees Celsius, and still maintain the product features of normal luminous efficiency and high color rendering. It also has an IP68 waterproof design, providing a perfect solution for various high-temperature environments and heavy industrial sites. The best choice for high-quality lighting.

 Industrial high temperature resistant LED lighting

In recent years, ENELTEC has launched a variety of indoor and outdoor LED lighting that meet stringent environmental requirements. For example, it has IP68 waterproof, explosion-proof, ultra-low temperature resistance... and other extreme functions, and is specially used in the fields of freezing lighting, explosion-proof lighting, and top-level commercial lighting. Now it is once again leading the industry, breaking through the technological threshold, and developing industrial high-temperature-resistant LED lighting that can still operate stably in environments with temperatures as high as 90 degrees Celsius.

ENELTEC's industrial high-temperature resistant LED lighting has been successfully used in many high-temperature places, such as the pulp mill in southern Taiwan. When the factory is operating, the temperature inside the factory can reach up to nearly 100 degrees Celsius. In response to energy conservation, other brands of LEDs have been tried The light does not come on after a few weeks of use, and the replacement rate is too high. After switching to the industrial high-temperature resistant LED lighting from Haoran Technology, the lighting was in good condition. There was no sign of damage after being installed for more than half a year. Therefore, it was decided to replace all other remaining lighting equipment with industrial high-temperature resistant LED lighting from Haoran Technology. It has proven its high and stable product quality, which not only effectively saves energy for the pulp mill, but also saves lighting equipment replacement and maintenance costs. Haoran Technology hopes to lead the continuous innovation and technological advancement of LED lighting and expand the application level of LED lighting.


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