Keelung switches to yellow LED street lights

With the continuous development, progress and maturity of LED lighting technology, the Keelung City Government has successively carried out the replacement and upgrading of LED street lighting since 2010, gradually replacing the early high-brightness white LED street lights with warm-colored yellow LED street lights, allowing People enjoy a better nighttime environment.

Keelung switches to yellow LED street lights

So far, more than 1,000 lights have been installed on important roads. Because the wavelength of yellow light is longer than that of white light, the refraction angle of light passing through water droplets is smaller on rainy days. It has the advantage of better penetration in rainy days, allowing passers-by to walk under the lights. You can see more clearly at night on rainy days, especially in Keelung’s rainy environment. On nights with good weather, the color of Keelung’s landscapes can be more highlighted. For example, the charm of the Zhengbin Colorful House at night is also due to Its background color is provided by the yellow street light.

In addition, the Public Works Department continues to use new technologies to protect the firefly ecological environment. In the past, in order to protect the fireflies from being affected by street lights, the Public Works Department staff had to climb up one by one and then "wrap" the traditional street lights with red cellophane, etc. After the season, go up and remove the red cellophane; starting from this year, the Public Works Department will use LED street light source controllers to directly carry out intelligent light reduction operations, making the firefly show that will start in April more attractive, and the public does not need to Then go to other counties and cities to enjoy fireflies.


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